WordPress Writing 101-Unblock the Mind-

Written on Sunday:

Hum, first assignment. Write about whatever pops in your head for 20 minutes. Sounds easy eh?

It’s too early! Cloudy, rainy day and I need my coffee. Got to make the coffee first, feed the dogs, settle the parrot or I will get nothing done until I do. I wonder if Roxie(my daughter) will be coming over today with all the rain happening. I hope so! Hope this week goes better than last week, which was horrible one. Still have a lot of work to do on blog articles, but honestly not in the mood, must be the rainy and cloudy day. Just want to do nothing!

Okay, try to suck it up and hope we keep power. Where are my notes? Dam, got to get better organized so I can keep track of everything. Found them exactly where they should not be…getting bad about that. Too many things on my mind and too many irons in the fire. Coffee tastes better than usual this morning, guess am waking up on. Just write my man, just write. America’s Shame is a good article, needs some tightening, but think you hit it right this time.

Well, that’s it. Shower time, then to work on blog.